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New Zealand

New Zealand is an emerging market in the wine industry. Until now, despite its short appearance, the country has achieved remarkable success and a great international reputation. New Zealand’s extended growing season, grapes’ ability to ripe at a slow and steady pace, and breezy, cool climate, are a great combination for ideal conditions in grape cultivation.
During the 90s, the numbers of wineries tripled in New Zealand, and the country doubled the land reserved for viniculture. Various grape varieties are grown in New Zealand. However, the wine trademarks of this land, are originated from Sauvignon Blanc for white, and Pinot Noir for red. Overall, New Zealand’s wine future is very promising, with high potential of turning as one of the best wine cultures in the world.


Tindall 'Marlborough' Pinot Noir , 75cl

Tindall 'Marlborough' Pinot Noir , 75cl

28,60 €

Aromas of red cherries and fresh black pepper with mineral notes.

Tindall 'Marlborough' Sauvignon Blanc , 75cl

Tindall 'Marlborough' Sauvignon Blanc , 75cl

21,50 €

Very fresh and citrus notes compliment mineral flavours

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