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Chile is a fortunate country in terms of natural conditions, when it comes to wine making. Its weather ensures that Chilean summers are warm and very dry, with cool nights, while its winter is described as moderate, with annual rainfall occurring during only this season. Likewise, Chile is equipped with high quality soil. These factors are crucial in the production of world-class wines.
It is a fact that the wine industry in Chile is evolving. Innovation and terroir are becoming increasingly important, and so far, the results have been impressive. Despite the limited historical background on the Chilean wine tradition, this land’s wines are very aromatic, and they are in fact identified as the country’s best known ambassador. The grape varieties that are used in this market are various, starting from Cabernet Sauvignon, to an original Carmenere, when it comes to reds. For whites, Chile is a great pair with Voignier, Riesling, Chardonnay and above all, Sauvignon Blanc. Overall, Chilean wines are known around the world for their quality and value and they are claimed of becoming part of the best in the world.


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