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Basket (M) + Table-runner (150x50 cm) With:
2 Tindall, "Sauvignon Blanc", Marlborough Bay, New Zealand, White, 75cl
1 Tindall, "Pinot Noir", Marlborough Bay, New Zealand, Red, 75cl
2 Hachez, "Tube Filled Dark Chocolates", 85grs
2 Hachez, Premium Quality Chocolate Bar, 77% Cocoa, 100gr
1 Feodora, "Best of Miniatures", 335gr
1 Noble, "Belgian Chocolate Cups", 50gr
1 Serego Alighieri, "Acacia", Honey, 400gr

about us

Spectus was founded in 1997 with the aim to bring and promote selected fine wines, premium spirits and exquisite chocolates to Cyprus. From the outset, we counted and still count on the passion of those that created the company as well as our valued associates – a passion that permeates through everything that we do here at Spectus.

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