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It’s SPRING where nature is at its best and we are getting ready for one of the biggest holidays of the island, where friends and families gather to celebrate EASTER!


Below find a go-to wine list, dedicated to GREEK WINES, which will enrich your food and wine pairing during your Easter festivities:


  1. Veggies, traditional Spinach and feta cheese pie with CAVINO, Atelier White:


Chargrilled vegetables and a mummy-made spinach pie are great starters for Sunday Easter lunch. Fresh, crunchy, herbal and tangy, they greatly pair with a complex white.


CAVINO, Atelier White is a blend of Lagorthi and Riesling, with a bright lemony colour. Its nose, exotic, with hints of peach, as well as white spring blossoms. Taste wise, it reveals a smooth balanced combination of refreshing acidity and volume. An ideal wine to start with, on a sunny spring day!


Shop here: http://bit.ly/2V6Vpk2



  1. Meat and feast with Mega Spileo, III Cuvee, red:


Although fresh vegetables and aromatic pies have a significant role on the Easter table, the spotlight is given to various kinds of red meat, mostly lamb. Due to the complexity and the variety of the flavours, it is wise to go with a Passepartout wine. Mega Spileo, III Cuvee 2016 red is the perfect candidate. Its philosophy: a blend of 3 grape varieties: one international (Cabernet Sauvignon), two local indigenous (Mavrodafne and Agiorgitiko). Deep red color, accompanied by a complex nose, which reminds you of red and black fruit syrups, sweet spices and vanilla. It has a very well balanced warm velvet taste to it, with an off-dry long aftertaste too. 


Shop here: http://bit.ly/2v60SJp



  1. Cypriot Flaounes with Domain Mega Spileo, Grand Cave:


Flaounes, aka cholesterol bombs, will deffo steal the show. Rich, complex, with loads of peppermint, mastiha, sesame and sweet raisins, you surely need a wine which will bring out all the ingredients of this delicious piece.


The Domain Mega Spileo 2012, Grand Cave is ideal, it’s a blend of Mavrodafne and Mavro Kalavritino, which was awarded as the best wine ever made from indigenous varieties!


Smell wise, it reminds you of bay leaves, white pepper, spices, baked red fruits with hints of vanilla and chocolate. It’s a full-bodied, well-structured wine, which certainly has a balanced finesse taste with soft tannins and long finish.


Shop here: http://bit.ly/2GoOeLU



See you next week!


Cheers, Santé and Yiamas…


Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !


Nicole x


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