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When considering food pairing, it is common to associate it with wine. However, the choices of wines that one can find on the market, are countless. Loads of choices, lead to a challenging and confusing process.

A wine to be made requires the grapes to undergo numerous procedures that may differ from one to another. However, at the end of the day, the process of winemaking starts with grapes and ends with wine.

As time goes by, wine is becoming more and more part of our everyday lives. People seem to be interested in this high-cultural beverage and are keen on learning more about it. Forgetting the theoretical knowledge, it takes a lot of practise to get to know wine and to develop a personal taste.

A month fully associated with falling in love needs its perfect pairings.

When it comes to wine, below you can find my top-5 Sparkling choices:

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Well, in the world of wine there are also diamonds!

 “There is always room for dessert”.

Properly pairing desserts with the correct dessert wine, can highly upgrade your oenogastronomic experience, offering intensely aromatic, honeyed, concentrated flavours that are perfect for slowly completing a meal, or on some occasions, accompanying us through some savoury delicacies as well.

Have you ever come across this famous sweet, red, Greek wine, Mavrodafne of Patras? This is the wine associated with the great carnival parade of Patra. Unfortunately, although this wine has potential, it lacks in quality.

A couple of years ago, I came across a different kind of Mavrodafne that changed my entire perception. I am talking about a delicious fortified wine made from high quality fruit, mainly from “Mavrodafne” grapes.

Its name, Mavrodafne Reserve, by Cavino Winery


Just like life, a wine glass, should always be seen as half full.

Some people are believers of the more the merrier. saying that, with wine, this is not so!

Living on Aphrodite’s island, it is common to get used to high temperatures, during summer time and sometimes, even during winter, with the first season lasting for 2/3 of the year. Saying that, we should strive to keep summer away from our wine glasses.

When drinking wine every drop counts but when it comes to wine tasting, it is the one-time spitting wine is appropriate.

“Anything is possible with a touch of pink!”

In French, Rosé means “pink,” and in wine-language, it means pink wine. On some occasions, people think of it as candy like, with bubble gum flavour. However, it is for sure a serious wine drinker preferenceDo not let the pink colour fool you into enjoying seriously good wine. Instead, Rosé to the occasion and enjoy a deliciously versatile wine that can elevate every moment!

Strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring, are some of the things my summer wine is really made for!

Rising temperatures should not prevent us from enjoying our favourite wine!

Every now and then – yet not too often, we are left behind with opened bottles of wine that we weren’t able to finish. Of course, when stored properly we can still get back to business and finish up a few days later.

Vintage – a word so frequently used in the wine world, however often misinterpreted by  consumers.

Vintage is the thing most people tend to find complicated and confusing. At the end of the day, though, a wine’s vintage simply tells us which year the grapes were harvestedAKA picked!

It’s football season again which makes people want to stay in, order pizza and drink beer!

Saying that, the world of wine is so vast that it can definitely rise up to the occasion and satisfy all food, wine and sports fans.

Good food and wine pairing, is a goal good enough to win any game, while guarantying 110% of pleasure!

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